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Event Management Tip: Choose Your Battle

30 September 2022 Events Management Philippines

  "In sports, one of the primary sources of advantage is choosing how to play the game. ~ Read more ⊳

Event Management Philippines: Thank You DOT Region 10

29 September 2022 Events Management Philippines

Event Management Philippines: Thank You DOT Region 10. ~ Read more ⊳

Eventscase Monthly News Round-Up September 2022

29 September 2022 EventsCase | Event Management Software

September is a month of new beginnings. ~ Read more ⊳

Raisa Ghazi: What’s the Long-term ROI of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI)?

29 September 2022 ManagementEvents

In this exclusive interview, Raisa Ghazi reveals the challenges and long-term benefits of diversity, equity & inclusion (DEI) initiatives; provides insight on the rising importance of ethics in technology, and why female leaders are essential in the 5th Industrial Revolution. ~ Read more ⊳

The Real Value of In-Person Events and Expos

28 September 2022 Event Management Solutions for Expo Events and Trade Shows | Expo Logic

Learn how Expo Logic’s event management software can help you capitalize on the real value of in-person events and expos. ~ Read more ⊳

How to make your events memorable for all the right reasons

27 September 2022 Sheer Edge

At Sheer Edge, our priority has been and always will be, for people to have the right experiences. ~ Read more ⊳

Certified Event Management Philippines 2022

26 September 2022 Events Management Philippines

Certified Event Management Professional in 2022 is possible and within reach. ~ Read more ⊳

Event Management in the Philippines: Viable Undertaking

26 September 2022 Events Management Philippines

Event Management in the Philippines is a viable undertaking! It is hard work. ~ Read more ⊳

Taking the stress out of managing your event agenda

26 September 2022 Attendease

Managing complex event agendas can be the source of a major headache: making sure that no speaker or venue is double booked, ensuring that sessions are not oversold, allowing attendees to sign up for waitlists, updating attendee-facing collaterals when last-minute changes occur, and the list goes on. ~ Read more ⊳

The Global Inflation Crisis: What Will It Cost Your Business?

26 September 2022 ManagementEvents

In the recent Business Buzz Outlook session, The Rise of Global Inflation Crisis: At What Cost to Your Business? Carsten Brzeski answers burning questions on the short-term and long-term effects of inflation on businesses, which industries will inflation hit the hardest, whether a recession is around the corner, and more. ~ Read more ⊳

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